Ante Sup Center Split, Paddling coach

Ante Ivčević

One of the co-founders of Adriatic SUP, Ante is an adventure sports enthusiast and Stand Up Paddleboarding specialist.
Working as an IT specialist for the better part of his 20’s, he graduated from a college and decided to ditch the safety of the 9-5 job.
In the years to follow, he traveled, worked various exciting jobs and became engaged in multiple adventure activities.
Apart from Stand Up Paddleboarding his passions are snowboarding and rock climbing. ,

He is in a possession of a Snowboarding school diploma, rock climbing, and alpine climbing certificate as well as adventure guide license.
In recent years he has been guiding multiple Stand Up Paddling tours and everyone seems to enjoy his peaceful but fun character.

Marino Sup Center Split, Standup Paddleboarding tour

Marino Markić

One of the co-founders of Adriatic SUP, Marino, is a Stand Up Paddleboarding coach and enthusiast. He truly is a lifetime explorer and adventurer in every aspect.
In mid twenties worked as a COO in a marketing company, but gradually been boosting outdoor activities to balance it out with the office working hours.
Since he has been involved in various sports at young age, it took only joy to embrace paddleboarding as a new niche.

Nevertheless, every minute out of the office he spends on the water searching for new routes and perfect Stand Up Paddling spots.
At the moment he is studying kinesitherapy to extend his knowledge in the field of movement through sport and rehabilitation.
Acquiring adventure guide license he proved to be an excellent guide, teaching and motivating people to discover this wonderful way spending time on the water.


Ivana Šalov

Ivana Šalov is a certified yoga teacher for dynamic yoga styles. For her, the movement has always been the essence of her life. First ballet steps she learned in her hometown of Split, Croatia. Love for the music and dance lead her toward classic & Latino dances, which both, music and dance, have become a powerful tool for examination of her own emotions.

For Ivana, the movement is an emotion and yoga is an art of living and expressing emotions. Body, movement, and breath are her eternal inspirations so her love for Vinyasa flow yoga and the sensitivity she incorporates into her practice is not surprising.

The essence of water is very important to Ivana … “Be like water my friend.” is the quote of Bruce Lee she likes to use in her classes. Being on the water is a unique way to achieve balance and inner peace, allowing all senses to absorb the beauty of SUP yoga practice.

Certifications: 200 hours yoga TT (vinyasa & ashtanga inspired classes), restorative & yin yoga, prenatal & post natal yoga classes, yoga for kids

Ivana is certified to teach the following Paddle Into Fitness courses:
Beginner SUP, Gentle Wave, Nautical Flow, Advanced SUP

Nikola Sup Center Split

Nikola Tešija

Nikola Tešija is an adventure sports enthusiast. He has been working part-time in a climbing gym for the last 2 years where he coaches new generations of climbers.
Rest of the working day he spents as a massage therapist.

Every free moment he is spending on climbing. Motto- just believe!

Laura Sup Center Split team

Laura Katić

You may wonder who is behind the screen and with whom you are always talking about sup-rowing in beautiful Croatia.
That’s our Laura. Community Manager of “Stand Up Paddling Adriatic”.
In a team of 5, Laura is well off. She is a woman’s arm without which Sup-Adriatic could not ever go upward.
Of course, we are all encouraged and supported in mutual desire to grow, but there is something in that saying “Strawberry on top”.

Laura loves adventurous travel, and most of the swim paddling with sunset.
Laura will show you all the natural beauties of Croatia and the support of the people. So look at our Instagram page and fall in love with Laurina’s story.