Race Pro 12’6 x 27’5”


The RACE PRO range is made of two specific models: 12’6 and 14’. Both have been through a complete re-design for 2017 to reach an ever higher level of performances.

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Available in 25.5” and 27” wide, the 12’6” is a highly versatile board designed to perform on courses. Its straight rocker line provides speed on the flat while the shape and volume of its bow let these boards work through the bumps with ease. The flat bottom offers a very dynamic behavior while the progressive V towards the tail improves the release of the flow. The rounded rails at the front morph into sharp and square rails at the back to maintain good grip on the bumps. The outline and volume distribution provide these boards with an impressive stability while the square tail lets the rider step back during the buoy turns.

True to the F-ONE ethos of crafting versatile products, the 14’ is a board designed for the ocean but also able to perform in all kinds of conditions. Its straight rocker line and pinched outline at the tail make it very efficient on flat water while the new lifted and high volume bow make it excellent in rougher conditions and on downwind courses. The new volume distribution with the pinched tail allows the rider to limit his moves on the board and remain more focused on his paddling and his trajectory in the bumps. The flat bottom makes the board very dynamic and responsive, it is easily steered towards the next bump. A V appears progressively towards the rear of the hull, to improve the release of the flow. The rails are rounded at the front and become sharper towards the back to provide a good grip. This also improves the excellent stability displayed by this 14’ model which is available in 25” and 27” wide.

Built using the CARBON COMPOSITE technology with a complete vacuum lamination around a light EPS core these boards also feature a brushed finish to reach the lightest possible weight with an impressive strength. A double bamboo patch is located under the rider’s feet for maximum durability.

Designed to perform at the highest level, these boards are used by our pro-team to compete in the top world events and will deliver the same performances on your local spot.


12’6’’ x 27.5” 381 x 70 Cm 270 L 9.2 Kg* CENTRAL US BOX CENTRO 8” RACE

*indicative value, subject to small variations due to the custom manufacturing process.


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