iSup Focus 11’6″x33″x6″


Stability to the max!

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iSup Focus 11’6″x33″x6″

Stability to the max, comfort and exploration. The 11’6 will provide
add stability and a unique platform for all your gear.

These inflatables are built tough with more stitches per square inch,
heavier duty fabric, and double layup on the rails.
We’ve designed a board that can handle up to 25psi, that’s 40% More rigid
than the competition.



2+1 Fin System
Heavy Duty Travel Bag
High Pressure Pump
Repair Kit
Bungee System
Tow Rings at the Nose and Tail
A Removable Center Fin and 2 Folding Built in Side Fins
Extra Handles

Color: Orange/Blue
Volume: 290 Liters
Weight: 12,7 kg
Max Weight capacity: 124 kg



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