Big Sup Split; Adriatic-SUP

When you are out on a holiday with friends, whether having a birthday, incoming bachelor party or just want to have fun, spending your quality time is easy when there is Big Sup involved.

Sun & sea go along together, but instead of just going to the beach, rent Big Sup and you are in for a different exciting day on the sea.

Sun, sea, music, fridge, friends on a Big Big Board! And if there is a lone rider in a crew, let him join you all on a standard Stand Up Paddleboard. There are plenty of options for how to use one.

You can rent it on the beach, ask us to transport you and the “Whale” on a desired place for a one-day rental or you can ask us to provide a tour on a Big for you.

In conclusion, Big SUP equals Great fun and you should give it a try!

Ideal für:

  • Junggesellenabschied/Junggesellinnenabschied
  • Geburtstage
  • Große Gruppentouren
  • Kindergeburtstage
Sup party with Adriatic-SUP
Split sea paddling with Adriatic SUP
Sup paddle tour Adriatic-SUP
Adriatic Sup Split Fun
Group Split Fun; Adriatic-SUP
Girls Sup Paddling Split; Adriatic-SUP

Unser Big Sup-Angebot kann Folgendes umfassen:
- bis zu 8 Personen an Bord
- zusätzliche Sup-Boards zum Mitnehmen
- Kühlschrank
- Wasserdichte Taschen
- Bluetooh wasserdichtes Radio
- Sicherheitsausrüstung
- Betreute Touren oder ohne Tourführer


Verleih am Strand des Campingplatzes
1 Stunde -   20€
1 Tag –   65€

Verleih überall in Split
1 Tag –   85€

Betreute Feier
3 Stunden –  130€

Big Schimmer SUP für Kinder
1,5 Stunden – –  130€

Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns für weitere Informationen zu unseren Paketen:


We`ll be waiting for you with at the campsite beach during summer time!